About Us

Treasured Ltd launched in May 2012, based in Hertfordshire, UK.

Pic of Amy Pic of Paul

My name is Amy Scott, and with my husband Paul, we are the founders of Treasured. Together we have over 15 years’ experience building and running software companies, and over 40 years combined experience in business and technology.

I am originally from Poole in Dorset and I graduated in Business Information Technology at Bournemouth University before beginning a career in software engineering. Paul is from Northumberland, and he wanted to work in software when he was 12 years old. Paul moved to London when he was 20 to work at Henderson Investors.

We worked together for major institutions in the City of London, analysing and building financial technology. Together, in 2002 we founded an innovative start-up called FIX CITY which used internet technology to replace older messaging systems. FIX CITY grew beyond £1m pa turnover before selling in 2008 to NYFIX, a firm based in NYC.

The idea for Treasured came to me (Amy) when our first child was two years old. With family and friends all over the world, we wanted to be able to share photos and milestones of our lives and children in an easy and secure way that was more personal and special. Many of our large group of friends are also parents with young children and we all take hundreds of photos of our own and our friends’ children which we want to be able to share.

We felt that what we needed was the opposite of the social sharing networks, and more of a private, centralised area to store special, important memories that were of importance to a small number of people.

This led us to develop Treasured, and being a modern family we decided to create an app as well as the website. As parents we understand other parents, and the need for privacy, safety and security around your photos.

General Information

Business Name: Treasured Ltd
Trading Address: 2 Peplins Way, Brookmans Park, Hertfordshire, AL9 7UU
Company Number: 8091337
Registered Address: Unit 24, Capital Business Centre,
22 Carlton Road, South Croyden, Surrey, CR2 0BS
Place of Registration: United Kingdom
Email Address: info@treasured.com
VAT Number: GB 138 0344 30